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Chou , I-Hsiung Sculpture Gallery

前雲科大設計學院教師及駐校藝術家 周義雄 大師捐贈雕塑作品19件給本校典藏,周大師的雕塑作品,反映出他在書法藝術之體會,從具象、實體與量感的追求,轉而成為追尋線條的靈動與線性藝術。 典藏作品:風荷、親情、舞、洞簫飛天、琵琶飛天、朱雀朝陽、顧影、千速靜雪像、將起、翔舞、花雪湧、複製中的雙螺旋、春雷、解珮、霞飛、行雲、潑墨仙人、吳大猷像、拍板飛天。

Former design school faculty and school’s artist-in-resident Chou, I-Hsiung, had donated his 19 precious sculptures to our collections. Chou, I-Hsiung’s sculptures reflect his profound understanding and love of Chinese calligraphy, which inspired him to move away from literal and objective representations to lively movement and free-flowing lines. His collections includes: Lotus Flowers in the Wind , Affection, Dance, Flying Flute, Flying Pipa, Red Phoenix, Reflection , Statue of Seisetsu Chihaya, Raising, Soaring Dance, Flowers Under Billowing Clouds, Replicating Double Helix, Spring Thunder, Shedding the Jade Ornament, Soaring into the Dawn, Moving Clouds, Ink Portrait of an Immortal, Dr. Wu, Ta-You Statue, Clapping and Flying to the Sky.

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